Towards a Gender Sensitive Migration Policy for Thailand

  • Since the economic boom experienced by Thailand three decades ago, the country has remained as one of the top receiving countries of migrants in South East Asia. Its heavy reliance on labour industries has been one of the most important attractions for migrants who want to escape their country/regions for a better life and source of income.
  • Though Thailand has taken certain constructive steps in the direction of protecting migrant workers, a gender sensitive approach has still not been the core focus. Men and women migrate under different circumstances and work under different conditions, therefore a gendered perspective must be included in Thai migration policies to enhance immigrants’ social integration and living standards. 
  • Some women migrant workers are exposed to sexual abuse at the hands of their employers as well as health risks due to the existing slim chances of availing health services given their lack of legal and social status. 
  • Labelling women as victims of abuse and discrimination diminishes their recognition as contributors in the socio-economic sphere.

Original Source: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Thailand


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